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The Goodwill College is Co-educational institution

Goodwill College Introduction

The Goodwill College is Co-educational institution which primarily caters to the needs of the Students of all communities, irrespective of Caste, Creed or religion. It's main objective is to bring about Communal harmony in thought, words and deeds. Its aims at the wholesome development academically with standard preparation for complete living.


1. The Cross symbolises the Sacrificial life of Jesus Christ for the sake of man.
2. The burning torch represents the power of the Holy Spirit in transforming individuals, Society and the world.
3. The first Symbolises self determination and creative self expression.
4. The open book stands for dissemination and love for knowledge.
5. The seven children represents the Seven Sisters states of the North East, which the GOODWILL COLLEGE encompass.
6. Hence the Motto : "GOD'S LIGHT MY GUIDE."