Goodwill College CO - Eucational Institution


The Goodwill College is Co-educational institution.

1. Attendance is Compulsory. A student who is absent for one or more classes will lose the day's attendance. Every student is required to have 80% attendance of the total classes (Lectures & Practicals). Students short of attendance will not be given admit cards or allowed to appear for the Board/Universities examination.
2. If a student is absent for medical reasons or due to ill health. He/she Must submit a medical certificate within 3 days of rejoining college. Any certificate submitted later will not be considered.
3. All students are expected to attend all Schedule classes, any student failing so are liable to be debarred from examinations.
4. Students who absent themselves from periodical tests without valid reasons are liable to be cancelled for the current year.
5. Any student who is absent for one month will have His/Her name stuck off from the College register.