Goodwill College CO - Eucational Institution


The Goodwill College is Co-educational institution

Discipline is the observance of good conduct as a student. Breach of discipline inter alia include:-

1. Irregularity in attendance, persistent idleness or negligence or indifference towards work assigned.
2. Causing disturbance to a class or the office, the library or in and outside the College Campus.
3. Misconduct or misbehaviour of any kind, towards Principal, administration, teachers or an employee of the college.
4. Causing damage to the furniture or any other property or scribble on the desks and walls of the college.
5. Inciting others to do any of the acts aforesaid.
6. Any other conduct anywhere which is considered to be unbecoming of a student of the college.
7. Dress and general appearance of students (especially girls) must b decent and in good taste.
8. Drugs and cigarette smoking is strictly prohibited.
9. Chewing of Betelnut and spitting inside the college campus will be severly dealth with.
10. Every student is responsible for the cleanliness of the inside and outside of the college .
11. Communal harmony is to be preserved and fostered by hard work, word and deeds.
12. Students are not allowed to change from Arts to Science or Commerce or Vice Versa during the academic session.
13. Every student must have a college identity card.